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 A Workshop Is Born

The evident need for inspired communities of creative support became increasingly evident. It inspired Harvey to create Healing Thorough Creativity workshops. Since 2009, he has been conducting Healing Through Creativity workshops working with participants ranging from sixth grade elementary school students to college students to varied cancer survivors.

Workshop Mission:

To empower people to process major life challenges using creativity and connectivity while they co-create Healing Through Creativity.

Participants share about their workshop experiences and what they found in the book.

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Past Workshops

November 9, 2016

Century Villages at Cabrillo VA Recover Program with City HeART Long Beach

October 26, 2016  

Century Villages at Cabrillo VA Recovery Program with City HeART Long Beach

May 2016

Featured Prompt Responses from Healing Through Creativity A Creative Warrior’s Journey:

Transformational Writing Prompt: How will this Workshop help with your healing?

“It will help me open up to expand my creativity by stepping out on faith and live my life like there’s no tomorrow.”
– LaTaviona Marshall

August 2015 – In this workshop,  local and  Long Beach Healing Support and Creative communities will connect and build an inspired community of creative support.  Participants  will complete transformational writing and creative art prompts designed to help them   let go of “sick,” challenged” or “impaired” identities they have strongly identified with in the past but are ready to move beyond.    Throughout the event, as participants connect and share insights, Richard Harvey, the moderator, will abstract their feedback into a running Vocabulary of Hope and Empowerment list that will in turn provide them with powerful language to include in their prompt responses.  Numerous local artists, musicians and dancers will be performing throughout the event.  This event was sponsored by a Long Beach Arts Council Grant.

Featured Prompt Responses from Healing Through Creativity A Creative Warrior’s Journey:

Transformational Writing Prompt: Write a break up letter to an illness or to a challenge you once strongly identified with. Acknowledge what you learned from the relationship and inventory the empowering tools you have acquired through the learning. Explain why you no longer need or want your sick or impaired identity.

“I am two people: the person that I am, and the person who is needed to provide for the person that I am.

“One day, the provisions will be laid in, and the provider will be needed no longer.
Particle by particle, I become larger and larger; recognizing and identifying characteristics, colors, movements, flow, essence.
As time passes, I am overtaking the provider – becoming whole. I am looking forward to that goodbye.”

– Susie Garrison

Upgrading the workshops and providing CEU’s:

This year, Harvey collaborated with grief and hospice specialist Mary Rimsans, MSW LCSW to develop a ten-session workshop series called Healing Through Creativity A Creative Warrior’s Journey. Participants in these workshops co-create Transformational Blocks from the book, learn mindfulness meditation skills and build a lexicon of The Vocabulary of Hope and Empowerment that participants take with them when their workshop is complete. Harvey and Rimsans provide workshops in educational and clinical settings for people with health challenges, people in recovery and those who are not health-impaired but face major challenges like divorce and grief. They also provide CEUs for mental health professionals, nurses, teachers and school counselors. Harvey is actively interviewing licensed professionals in these disciplines throughout the US to train and co-facilitate with.

For more information or to schedule a workshop send email to: [email protected].