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Sample page with co-creator notes...

Sample page with co-creator notes…

Title20 Poems 20 Paintings: A Creative Warrior’s Journal
Type: Paperback, Journal
Cost: $20.00
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“Was it a Monday or a Tuesday? I can’t remember. The headaches were getting worse. I called in an appointment at Kaiser Permanente in Harbor City, CA. My visit with Dr. Prado was my sixth consultation in as many weeks of excruciating migraines. I told her about my pain. She completed a neurological exam. And then she wrote CT Scan of the brain, STAT on a pink order slip. And my quantum shift began….” This excerpt from the Preface of 20 Poems 20 Paintings A Creative Warrior’s Journal shares the moment I became a brain cancer fighter. The book documents how I processed my “quantum shift,” but more significantly, it provides an interactive platform that will help cancer fighters, survivors and their support people to process the challenges and changes that come with cancer. The book is not “finished.”