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-Dr. Mariusz Wirga

“It is a great privilege for a physician to teach skills, offer wisdom and provide support.   To then see a patient apply the skills and wisdom to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles, and not just to survive but thrive takes my vocation to a joyous new level. With this book, the patient becomes a healer the physician can learn from. It openly shares how creative expression and connectivity helped Rick heal from two cancers of poor prognosis and a divorce – and lead him to re-connect with his true nature. A book containing just that information would be of great value and a beautiful gift.  This is much more.  It is an invitation for all of us to co-create, to re-discover and honor our own natures and to heal our wounds. It reveals all of the important ingredients for healing: gentleness, kindness, compassion, empowerment, joy, and creative expression. Take this book, a pen, pencils, crayons, pastels or paints and start your own creative process of healing and re-connection.”

Founder of Beat The Odds, A Comprehensive Cancer Survivorship Program, Medical Director Psychosocial Oncology, Memorial Care Todd Cancer Institute