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Facilitated Workshops

Workshops Facilitated by Richard Harvey

Group Sessions:  (All of the sessions have a suggested attendance of 15-25 participants.  Please contact Richard Harvey with questions about smaller groups, larger groups and one-on-one sessions.   At a basic level, the sessions can be ninety minutes or three hours.  Extras including performances by musicians, artists and dancers are available at the performers’ given rate and in the case of dancers, add an hour onto a workshop.  All participants will complete an anonymous online or paper survey so we can evaluate participant responses and continue to improve the workshops.

Workshops can concentrate on Overcoming Fears, Focusing On Desired Outcomes, Empowerment, Living In The Moment and Gratitude.  There are a total of 44 90-minute sessions available and 24 three-hour sessions available individually, The weekends combine sessions to attain specific goals while participants experience Transformational work through multiple genres of creativity.

Single Workshops (Free Standing):

  • Ninety-minute sessions
  • Three-hour sessions with the option of adding on performers for a total of four hours.

Weekends:  Two three-hour sessions enriched with a group mural project. Available enrichments include dance performances, live music, a working painter Qigong, yoga and guided meditations.

Five-Day Retreat:  We explore the empowerment of healing through creativity, connectivity and play while we co-create each day in scenic retreat centers.  Qigong and yoga can be added.   (Please contact for details)

Ongoing MeetUps:  90-minute sessions at our favorite local spiritual and community centers, art galleries and coffee houses.


Suggested Participant Demographics:

Medical in Origin:

  • Cancer Fighters
  • Cancer Survivors
  • Other Health Challenged
  • Addiction Recovery
  • Eating Disorder Recovery

Psychological in Origin:

  • PTSD
  • Abuse Recovery
  • Grief/Bereavement
  • Psychosocial Support

Private/Public Sector:

  • Team Building
  • Continuing Education Units (CEU’s)


  • Healing Empowerment Centers
  • Holistic Health Symposia
  • Transformational Work
  • Spas and Retreat Centers
  • Men’s Movement
  • Devine Feminine

Private Events

  • Women’s groups
  • Men’s Groups
  • “Girl’s” Night/Day/Weekend
  • Wellness Celebration.