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Cutting Edge Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Curriculum

Enjoy a thorough look at the Empowerment Section of Dreamsmithing: A Creative Warrior’s Journey. This includes an explanation of how this Social and Emotional Learning Curriculum helps students, parents and families build crucial inner resource tools in this time of profound change.

Inspiring Workshops and Books

The workshops and books found in this website are replete with empowering tools and strategies to help co-creators process their major life challenges.


Healing Poetry

Richard Harvey began writing the poems in his book, 20 Poems 20 Paintings A Creative Warrior’s Journal, and in his workshop Healing Through Creativity A Creative Warrior’s Journey in 2005. Insomnia from radiation therapy’s side effects opened a unique opportunity for him to process what was happening with creativity. A student of transformational thought, he infused his writing with messages about overcoming fears, focusing on desired outcomes, empowerment, living in the moment and gratitude.

A Painting Is Born…

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